Ep. 84 - We're back from Christmas break! Did you see Mariah Carey on NYE? Yeesh....

We're back! Did you miss us? Of course you did. I know you're all a little confused because its Tuesday instead of Monday but GET OVER IT! We need a break, too, dammit! Just kidding. We're so glad to be back and next week we'll be back to making your Monday mornings suck a little bit less. Until then, everyone enjoy their first day back at work and hopefully we can make you laugh a little along the way. Its gonna be the Monday-est Tuesday ever!

Mkay, if you're still with me, we spent some time chatting about the NHL Winter Classic that was played in Busch Stadium this weekend. Yep, they filled up baseball heaven with ice and had a classic rivalry game between our St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks. The whole weekend was filled with events and even some old Blues friends stopped in for an alumni game before the big show.

Hi Wayne!

Did you get your kid a Hatchimal for Christmas? Has it cussed at you yet?? Listen in as we test out Kelly's kids' Hatchimals to see if they start spouting profanity before naptime. Riveting!

We also have an awesome giveaway this week!! We're not promoting this one on Facebook and decided to keep it just for our amazing listeners. So its a super-secret-listener-only contest. I totally wish I could tell you all about it but you're just gonna have to listen to hear all the deets on how to win a SWEET Ryan Reaves jersey and a puck signed by Patrick Bergland. So go! Listen now! Do the thing! Win the stuff!

And if you missed the trainwreck that continues to be Mariah Carey, she blew it again on New Year's Eve when there was a problem with her song track and she couldn't hear. It was painful. Really awkward. Her dancers deserve an Oscar for keeping up the show, though! Bravo, dancers! Check it here - yikes:

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