Let me tell you a story - About the time my house was hit by a tornado.

It's story time! Settle in, take a seat, and listen as I tell the story of the time my house was hit by a tornado. These photos go along with the story so make sure you come back and check them out after you listen. 

Below : Photos of Howdershell road, where my husband was when the tornado hit. He had to drive back down this road again to get home to us. He said said it was a bit like "Dukes of Hazard" getting home. He ended up with 2 flat tires from the debris.
I took these photos of our street the next morning. We lost so many huge gorgeous trees.
This storm survey shows the path of the tornado, the white arrow is pointing to our roof. 
We remained without power for 7 days.
No one can explain the complexity of a tornado, or where it chooses to touch down. 

Left photo : Telephone pole snapped in half. 
Right photo : My freshly planted Bradford Pear tree standing tall after the storm, it doesn't even look like it lost a flower.

These 2 photos were taken 7 houses apart. 
The window we used to get in and out of the house. And of course, my all time favorite picture of my 3 kids :)
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