Ep. 86 - Kelly's back from vacation and we're talking hospital amnesia

We're back again, kids, for another Monday morning in the studio. Kelly got a nice little break from us in Jamaica last week and has come back tan and happy and ready to WORK. Let's do this.

Also, Hoss has gotten us the hookup for our next 'interesting job'! Listen in to hear what's coming up on the Kelly Manno show in the near future...

Aaaaand if you're not a hockey fan or you don't know any hockey fans, you might not know that the St. Louis Blues have been in a rut big time lately. Kelly and Hoss will break it down for you. Producer Stephanie will sit in silent amazement of their analysis skills.

Our buddy Jess is back to talk about our topic today. Back in 2004, she was in a major car accident while on assignment for work at a local radio station. She was in the hospital in a coma for a month and when she woke up, had NO memory of the accident or anything that came after. This is apparently something science can explain about how our brains process trauma. Crazy stuff!

We also had some stories from listeners and caller Rob on the phone to tell us his similar story that happened just this past November about waking up in the hospital and having no recollection of how he got there or what happened. You have to hear him tell it!

This was also a big week in the US! The new President was sworn in and while we didn't want to get into more politics, we did chat a bit about the Women's Marches that were happening across the country. Did you march this weekend? Kelly still isn't 100% sure what everyone was marching about but the events drew huge (yuuuge) crowds.

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