~ Well.... It Happened ~

Well, it happened. I tried to pretend it wouldn't, dreaded this day for 5 years. Got a lump in my throat anytime someone said the nasty "K" word. But despite my attempts to stop it...
Rocky started Kindergarten.
So anytime I am scared of something I always like to think it through and dissect it and get to the root of my anxiety, and I realized it was this. From the day he was born I have been in complete control of his surroundings. He is influenced only by the things I allow him to be, what he watches on TV, what games he plays, who his friends are, etc..
...and now my little bird has wings. It is up to him to make good choices, pick nice friends, and be a reflection of the roots we have given him. Now I'm not going to be over dramatic here, I mean it IS only Kindergarten and I think his biggest decision yesterday was chocolate or white milk at lunch. But these ARE the kids he will spend the next 8 years with and the small decisions he makes now could be foreshadowing of what's to come.

And you know what? Dropping him off totally wasn't a big deal. I am so confident in the little person he has become, he is really, really a great kid. He is sweet, and kind and cares about people. Kids seem to really like him and flock to him, he hates to get into trouble and let people down and I know he is totally ready for this.
Bubba is gonna rock Kindergarten, I know it!
the only time I teared up a bit was when I came to pick him up. He was the very first one out of the whole school. He looked so big. He walked at me as fast as he could trying to hide his excitement. He bit his little lips trying to hide a smile.
But about one nano-second after I took this photo he couldn't hold it in any longer. His fast walk turned into a sprint, shirt un-tucked, back pack flailing side to side and a grin ear to ear.
There are 2 great gifts we can bequest upon our children. One is roots, the other is wings.

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