~ They say a photo is worth 1,000 words ~

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, but the words you have spoken about this photo have been worth a million. 
I posted this photo on my Facebook page after my wedding late Saturday night.  When I awoke Sunday morning I thought my iphone had malfunctioned when it said I had received 74 e-mails in the 8 hours I slept.  But my eyes did not deceive me, they were all there...the facebook alerts, the emails... they were all about this photo.  I heard words like - "Speechless", "Breathtaking", and over and over I heard "Brought me to tears" - throughout the day as I ran into friends and family or talked to them on the phone they all wanted to talk about this photo.

I didn't do anything special to get this image, I was in 5 inches of sideways blowing snow holding an umbrella in one hand and randomly clicking with the other, I could barely see what the hell I was doing let alone have time to think about things like exposure, aperture and shutter speed.

Have you ever seen the end of a basketball game at the buzzer a play will throw a "Hail Mary" shot from half court on the off chance something magical will happen.  Yeah, this photo was my Hail Mary and something magical did happen.

I am very proud of this photo.  I love it, but I am overwhelmed at how many of you love it.

The fact that I have a job that allows me to freeze these beautiful moments in time, create this peice of art, in history, and move people down deep in their heart is awesome.  One day when I am long gone from this earth her great-grankids will say "Look how beautiful Grandma was on her wedding day".

I felt humbled and flattered to read all the comments and I want to say thank you, to all of you, who let me do this for a living.

Every single one of you who hire me as their photographer, tell a friend about me, read my blog or support my business in any way shape or form thank you.  Thank you with all that I have that my job is to see the best part of peoples lives and capture these beautiful memories to help them remember it.

I will be blogging this wedding in it's entirety next week, stay tuned.

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