~ I guess I should get back to work ~

My blog readers must be a little sick of my kids by now. Incase you haven't noticed there has been a "Manno-kid-overload" on the blog lately and there is a good reason for it.
I haven't been working...at all, last year I took a big black marker and put a huge "X" over the entire month of February and just decided to take the month off. I think it's one of my best decisions ever, it's been a great month.
Sometimes it's fun for me to come on here and vent about my parenting woes to make us all feel better. After all we are not the generation June Cleavers, we are a generation who can bond over our mistakes and laugh at our mis-fortunes.

But most days...to be honest..... most days are pretty awesome.

Most days I can have something edible on the table by 6pm.
Most days I think my kids are way cooler to hang out with than adults.
Most days I can maneuver the grocery store, the bank, or the post office with all 3 kids
and one arm tied behind my back.

It's kind of the ebb and flow of life, or maybe it's the calm before the storm and I will be eating these words next week when one of them tries to poop in a bush or crashes their bike.
(Portrait of me courtesy of Luci, I think it should be my next headshot)
~Luci Feet~
~Libby Lu Feet~
So as we turn the calendar to March I am back to work, before you know it this blog will be over-flowing with weddings, families and engagement photos and I am very happy to be back working. Anyone who works in the creative field knows you need a "break" in your season, to re-charge you batteries, the ones in your camera and in your brain :)
Also, last Thursday I was interviewed by The Photo Junkies and and revealed the date of the SHOT PARTY 2011 - The interview should run late this week or next, I will let you know as soon as it's up! Get ready to mark those calendars!

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