~ This is a house where life happens ~

It’s just been one of those weeks. Libby Lu did something us moms call “crap up the back” so badly I had to cut her clothes off her with scissors, I found a pretty awesome “booger farm” on the wall next to Lucis bed. Oh and I broke Rocky’s face.

I’m officially out of the race for mother of year.

Sunday afternoon the weather was gorgeous. Libby Lu was taking a nap, Daddy was mowing the yard, Luci was hanging out with Maw Maw and me and Rocky were bumming around the house with an hour before dinner and nothing to do, I said “Let’s go for bike ride Rocky, a BIG one, just me an you”

We were having so much fun, we rode all over, we found this big field with a paved path going around it with some small hills and we hit jackpot! Up and down the hills we went, I could hear him behind me hooting “whooo hooo” and “Yeah baby” when we were taking a rest he told me he was going as fast as “Lightning McQueen”

But it was time to go home and there was one hill left to conquer. It wasn’t that big, or that steep, and didn’t seem much bigger than the other ones we’d rode. But when I got about halfway down it I thought “Holy Sh*t this is fast” I put on my brakes to turn around and see if he’d started down yet, because if not I was going to stop him. At that exact moment I heard tires squealing and metal bouncing on pavement and my heart sank.

My the time I turned around he was already sprinting towards me so I knew nothing was broken but he was bleeding everywhere. Both arms, hands and face. We left our bikes there and walked home.

Paw Paw went back to retrieve our bikes and found his in a mangled mess of metal with the fender about 5 feet from his bike.

I get so pissed when I hurt one of our kids. I should have went down the hill first. Bad Mom. Bad Mom.

But I guess it could have been worse... I could have buried myself in work on that beautiful Sunday afternoon, Lord knows I had plenty of editing to do. I could have sent him into the basement to play video games, or plopped him on the couch to watch TV. At least I take my kids on bike rides and that should give me some sort of bonus points right?

After beating myself up a bit I decided that this is a house where life happens. It just IS. Something is always going on. Someone is crashing a bike, or busting their lip, decorating the sidewalk with chalk, or building a fort in the living room with blankets. This house is busy, phones are ringing, kids are fighting, dogs are barking, dinner is burning. I know some of my single friends leave my house and think “Dear Lord I am so glad our life is not like that” - but I am so glad mine is because I wouldn’t know what to do with myself in the silence.

Life ain’t always peaches honey get used to it. But I make no apologies for

loving life, even on the bad days. I want to squeeze the BeJesus out of this life and these kids and everything I have. So even if I lost my mother of the year trophy and broke my kids face. At least it was one heck of a ride on the way down the hill.

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