September 29, 2010

~ 7 and 8 of 8~

...and I present to you...sessions 7 and 8 of 8. Shooting 8 family sessions in one day was a wild ride but I had such great clients to work with. Now don't get all giddy thinking I am going to post 8 more family sessions next week, after all this Sunday I am slowing down and only shooting 5 family sessions.... ;)I must admit I squealed a little with delight when I asked these two siblings to smooch and they did. Rocky would rather poke a stick in his eye than kiss Luci :(Can you believe her curls aren't natural? Momma sponge-rolled those and I got all the details from her to try it out on Luci.
Now these curls....all natural baby. I've been shooting Paige and Evan FOREVER wouldn't you die to have their skin tone?
I've known their mama Jennifer forever. We met in 7th grade. I tried a cigarette for the first time in the field behind her house. There was a KC Hall parking lot and one of those cigarette vending machines - we would sneak in and buy some and then sit in the field and smoke, and choke, and gag and pretend it wasn't disgusting....oh how I miss being young :)

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