~ Milo meet the world, world meet Milo ~

I love this baby. I love this Mommy.
You may remember them from her gorgeous maternity photos a couple months ago.
Her sweet little bundle of joy arrived safe and sound last week.
Um... this photo makes me so happy. I don't even know why, maybe his squishy little face or all those rolls but I love it.
Donna and I have so much in common it gets silly. One is our love of strong Italian names. Her children, Roman Giovanni and Milo Salvatore would fit in perfect with my Rocco Agostino (Rocky), Luciana Elizabeth (Luci), and Elisabetta Leola (Libby Lu). Seriously, our kids aren't going to be able to spell their full names until they are 20.
I have a weakness for baby fore-arm fat rolls. I want to smooch them.

Donna is one of those "Warrior Women" who give birth without so much as a Tylenol. She is a champ, a total champ. I have so many more photos of this little chicken to share, I was there for his birth and I have a beautiful "Birthstory" to post but I want his mama to see it first. But it is her birthday so I at least wanted her to get a sneak peek of his loveliness. Happy Birthday Donna!

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