~ Jackie & Bobby - MARRIED ~

Jackie and Bobby had an absolutely perfect wedding day.  From the weather, the families, the atmosphere, the laughter and smiles- Seriously, she had the kind of wedding little girls dream of their whole life.  I was absolutely honored to capture it for them. 
 In shooting their wedding I also happened to snag one of my most favorite images I've taken in a long time.  However, I hesitate posting it because it's a tad scandalous.  You see, it's of Jackie, my bride, kissing another man. (Gasp!)
See this little boy?  His name is Charlie.  He is the nephew of the bride and quite the ladies man.
How stunning does Jackie look?  Classic beauty… In 25 years, she won't look back at her wedding photos and regret a bunch of silly fads she chose or wore- she looked absolutely classic! 
Okay folks, prepare to be rocked by scandal.  Here it comes.  While I love this photo...
…and I love this one too….
BOOM!  This one melts my heart into a million pieces.  Oh, how in love I am with this photo.   It's a must-have for my office walls.  
My favorite image of Jackie and her *other man*  :)
The girls were rocking it with these hat photos!  Don't they look like they could be in a hat ad?
Their reception was held at the Forest Park Clubhouse.  One of my favorite places to shoot.  A beautiful night with warm air and a cool breeze.  Delicious food, family, and friends and some rocking sounds from the band Hollywood 5.  It was a total fairytale, from beginning to end. 
To Jackie and Bobby, their "Happily Ever After" begins here :)

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