~ Kaitlin & Jordan ~ MARRIED!

Kaitlin is the girl who makes everyone laugh, she is loud, and vivacious and lights up any room she is in.   She had me laughing all day.   I secretly wanted to sneak in the bathroom and slip into a bridesmaids dress and join the other girls.   Jordan is handsome and caring and compliments his new wife like the cherry on top of an ice cream.   They are so happy together that they pull others into their joy just by being around them.  This wedding day went by so fast because I was having so much fun shooting it.
They are so beautiful together.  I absolutely love all these photos. 

Let's go ahead and give Kait a style award for her vision and execution with this Bridal Party.  The boots, the bowties, the flowers.   She pulled everything together perfectly.

Did I mention the ring bearer?  His name is Oscar, he is the loving pooch of the bride and groom and he is better behaved than all 3 of my children combined.  He hung out at the reception all night, weaving in between dancers, going table to table looking for snacks, getting a head rub every 5 feet.  It was definitely Oscars day as much as it was Jordan and Kaits. 

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