~Emily and Joel - MARRIED ~

You may remember Emily and Joel from their gorgeous engagement session.  I'll give you the cliff-notes version if you don't want to go back and read - she's from my hometown and I love her :)  We went to grade school together.   I've been looking forward to shooting this wedding all year…I just knew it would be fabulous.   Emily comes from an awesome family and she is the perfect mix of beauty, poise, and crazy-silliness.   I adore her and Joel as a couple, and their wedding day was beautiful.  
Dad getting his first glace of Emily, with a portrait of his older daughter on her wedding day just above his shoulder.  One of my favorites from the whole day. 
I love when a bride gets ready in the home she grew up in.  The walls speak.  She's walked these halls a thousand times, but never in a wedding dress.
Look at all of these kids!  Kids everywhere!  They were adorable, and had tons of energy.  I got my workout in for the day just chasing them around for photos. 
The bridal party was a hoot.  I know most of the girls from home and when we weren't sweating to death, we were laughing all day.   The flowers were a show-stopper, just breathtaking.  Great job Jeffreys by design. 
The reception was spectacular.   It had such a welcoming vibe.  The bridal party didn't dance in to music, they were already there to greet and mingle with their guests.  The toasts were hilarious, the food was delicious, and the band was rocking.   I love seeing people I care about do great things in life.  Not only did Emily get the wedding of her dreams, but the husband of her dreams to go with it.   She brings so much happiness to other people, and it was wonderful to see it rewarded to her ten-fold. 

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