November 14, 2011

~ Emily and Joe ~ Getting Married in 2012

I saw her announce her engagement on Facebook and I quietly crossed my fingers...and toes...hoping she would call me.  I really wanted to shoot her wedding.  Let's state the obvious reason first.  She is stunning, right?  And I scoped out her hubby-to-be on facebook and he seemed to be a looker to.   When I got the e-mail from her asking about wedding photography I may or may not have done jumping jacks at my desk.
But that's besides the point.  I'm a little biased and think all my brides are gorgeous.  I wanted to shoot this wedding because Emily is "Good People" she comes from "Good People" I know her Mom and Dad and her sisters, I grew up with her in my hometown. We went to the same school and church, we were on the Pom Pom squad together and being around people like her makes me feel like home.    

Emily is funny and goofy, doesn't take herself very seriously and I knew any guy she picked to marry had to be someone great.  Joe was everything I thought he would be.  He was a gentleman and a sweetheart and did every single silly pose I asked of him.   And...he didn't complain once when I almost got them run over in traffic (see photos below) he really loves Emily and I am ecstatic to shoot their wedding next summer.