November 10, 2011

~ The Swingler Family & Ashley and Randy

I'm not a fan of combo-blogging.  I really prefer to give each session their own blog.  But these past few weeks I am physically shooting more sessions than there are days in the week, which sort of presents a problem.  So just roll with me for a bit and busy season will be over before we know it.  

Meet the Swingler family.  I went to Junior High and High School with Stacy.  She has always been, hands down, one of the sweetest, nicest, and kind people I have ever meet.  Through the magic of facebook we were able to track each other down and I got a chance to see where her life has taken her.  She is still adorable and sweet as ever but she has also gained a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful girls.  One dainty and polite, and one a little feisty and wild...I'll let you guess which is which :)   

Ashley and Randy are getting married next year!!!   I'm elated that I have so many fun and easy going couples to work with in 2012.  Ashley is an Emergency Room nurse and she works with a bunch of other awesome nurses who like to hire me for photos as well!  So a shout out to all my Barnes nurses!  Thank you for all your business!  I think I need an honorary pair of scrubs :)