~ The Teague Family for the Millionth Time ~

Okay, maybe not the millionth time.  Maybe like the 7th or 8th time.  I know they've hired me for Brookes yearly photos 5 years in a row.  Before that I also shot their Maternity session, birth and newborn session.  
I tried digging through my blog to find all their old posts I got to the two most recent ones before I got overwhelmed (Holy Cow I blog alot) click  HERE and HERE to see some oldies but goodies - and if you go to my website, click on galleries and click on Bellies and Babies the 7th photo down are her tiny feet in her mama's hands.   

This family makes my heart sing.  They are full of awesome. Clients like these are golden in my book.   I am so lucky they choose me to document their family every year.  Brooke is going to have so many fun photos of her childhood.   Sometimes I truly fantasize about watching these kids grow up...how cool would it be if I shot Brookes High School Senior photos? or even her wedding? (hey wedding photographers can use a walker and a cane right?)

I feel like I know them more as friends than clients.  It's hard to believe they were strangers 6 years ago.  I know that Beth, the mom, will always give me a big hug as soon as she gets out of the car, will always wear black, and has fan-freaking-tastic eyelashes.  I know that Mike, the dad, will go with whatever flow I set as long as I schedule our session around Rams Football.  I know that Brooke, the little one,  will be shy the first 10 minutes but if I want her to come out of her shell I just have to talk to her about Disney land or her Aunt Kate.   It makes these sessions a piece of cake when I know a family as well as them. 
Thank you Beth, Mike, and Brooke for another fantastic year of photos, from the bottom of my heart. 

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