~ Well, Hello November ~

October, you slayed me.  With your scarlet and sunset leaves and your scents of hay and bonfire smoke. My favorite month all year.  Also the busiest, especially for us photographers.  There were a few days in there I thought for sure my head was going to spin around and fall off.   More on that later, but before it gets too outdated I just wanted to share some pumpkin patch fun as we welcome November and it's much slower schedule with open arms. 

Sister Bear fell asleep in the car on the way there,  I don't use strollers very often.  I think little feet were made to run and explore but thank goodness we had one in the trunk so she could lounge a bit before she was ready to play.   See that face?  Yeah, she is not ready to wake up yet. 
Now she is :)
Libby Lu could have sat and play with this cat forever.  Then it dawned on me that I don't think she has ever seen a cat?  Is that weird or what?  But I don't have a cat and my mom doesn't have a cat and that is really the only 2 places she goes.   So this was fun for her.  She would stick hay through the cage and the kittens would swat at it with their paws.  She cried when I picked her up to leave.
Okay, so this is the funniest photo ever.  It's not photoshopped, she is under there somewhere.  

My kids had Halloween candy for breakfast this morning, the pumpkins on my front porch are wilting and the scarecrows in my front yard have seen better days.  It's time to turn the page to November and find new stories to tell. 

Love ya October!  See ya next year. 

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