~ Have I ever told you that I don't get nervous? ~

I really should thank God more often for this gift I have to feel comfortable in almost any situation. I can count on one hand the times in my life I've actually gotten "nervous", I can tell you one for sure was the night before I shot my very first wedding, another was the night before a big surgery, and maybe on my wedding day, but really that's it.

I love being on stage, public speaking in front of large crowds, all that stuff normal people hate. So imagine my shock last Sunday night as my tiny 5 year old baby, took the ice in front of 17,000 people at the Scott Trade Center, I found myself so unbelievably nervous at one point I thought I might just barf.
I couldn't even pinpoint what I was nervous about...I mean he is 5, it's not like anything was "expected" of him. His only job was to go out there and play Hockey for 3 minutes. I just wanted him to have a great experience, and I wanted so badly for him to be proud of himself, and have fun. Let me just say....he rocked, they all rocked! It was so much fun and I was so proud of every single one of them. It's amazing how fear-less kids are and how "not a big deal" it was. If someone could bottle that up sweet, innocent, confidence and sell it they'd make a fortune.
After their game we got to go up in the stands and enjoy the rest of the game
with his Hockey Buddies.

and if you just can't get enough Hockey cute-ness click here for a slideshow and keep your eye on Number 16!

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