March 17, 2010

~ Warning...Proud Mama Post ~

If you happen to be attending the St Louis Blues game this Sunday March 21, be on the lookout for a very special skater on the ice :)Rocky made it clear to us at a very early age that he loved sports. If he couldn't bounce it, throw it, or pass it, he didn't want to play with it. He was the kid who would rather watch ESPN than cartoons, and for whatever reason Hockey always really caught his eye. At the age of two we took him to a blues game and he was hooked.We took him skating for the first time when he was only 2. At the age of 3 we found a really cute little "Learn to Play" Hockey program, and by the age of 4 he was on his first "real" competitive team.
So...this weekend, his little Baby Hockey team...also know as the "Twin Bridges Mini-Mites" will be playing a mini-game during intermission at the blues game. So if you happen to be attending cheer extra hard for #16 ;)

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