~ Behind every good photographer...

Behind every good photographer....is an even better lawyer.
I've never been afraid to discuss some of the mistakes I made early in my career, Lord knows there were plenty. One of the biggest was not taking the "business side" of it seriously. My photography business shot off like a rocket so fast that I didn't ever stop to think about things like contracts, business certification, LLC, protection, insurance. Besides...I had a contract...that I proudly made myself...in Microsoft Word.
Seriously, I should get some kind of award for the crap I admit in public.
So there I was, cruising along in my business, meeting with a client named Angie, she wanted to hire me as her photographer and then mentions she is a lawyer and works for Carmody MacDonald. My stomach dropped. "Dear Sweet baby Jesus please let a giant whole open in the ground and swallow me whole" Because I knew I had to give her my "contract"...you know the "Kelly Manno Microsoft Word Special" to a LAWYER - I thought for sure she would run the other way as fast as she could.
But she didn't, she was sweet and kind and took the time to explain to me why it was so vitally important to protect my business AND my family. She has taught me so much and I am forever thankful. I have such magnificent clients that I rarely need to use her but there is the occasional trouble maker who wants to break a contract or isn't paying on time and she is there to swoop in and save me everytime. I also sleep soundly every night knowing I have a contract I can stand firmly behind.
See the cute little blonde on the right? That's Angie. She is fantastic and if you need her for your business needs you can contact her at als@carmodymacdonald.com

.....and if you don't...then don't come crying to me when Aunt Gertrude trips over your camera bag at a wedding and breaks her hip.
And for the record Carmody Macdonald covers many areas of law practice and have a fantastic team to take care of you. You can find their website here

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