January 2, 2011

~ Happy New Year ~

Onto a New Year! New excitements and challenges, new joy and heartache. But I am very grateful for 2010 and would like to send it off with a big fat hug and kiss. After all, it gave us Libby Lu.

In just over a week we will light one little candle on a cake for a blue eyed baby who surprised us all. I can't help thinking about this video, in some ways it seems like yesterday and in some ways it seems like a lifetime ago.


patty said...

very very cute

Jenny said...

You got me again! I cried when you first posted this, and I just bawled again! Beautiful video! Happy first birthday Libby Lu!

Trish said...

So my co-worker and friend Koren turned me on to this website-it is great. I am so happy for you! And Happy 1st Birthday to Libby Lu.
Nurse Trish

Veronica said...

This video is so sweet! I'm shedding a tear or 50 right now and I'm sure its because I'm hormonal as I begin my second pregnancy. Of course these types of videos get me every time. I love your family and I love your stories. Thank you for sharing as always. :) Veronica