~ Happy Birthday Libby Lu ~

One year ago today, I was in labor...but it was a secret.
It was a Sunday afternoon and our friends Drew and Christy were coming over that night for game-night and lasagna dinner, and Christy makes a mean lasagna.

Even though my due date was another 2 weeks away about 3:00 that afternoon I started getting some really consistant contractions, they were 12 minutes apart, then 8 minutes apart, then 6 minutes apart, and I knew.
When our friends arrived for dinner the kids all ran downstairs to run around like hooligans, the men planted themselves in the living room in front of football, and us girls were finishing up in the kitchen ...

Me: Hey, can you keep a secret?
Christy : Sure what's up?
Me: I am in labor
Christy : You're what?!?!
Me: Shhhh...don't tell Jimmy

Now, there are 2 things you should know about my husband. # 1) He is a HUGE worrier. # 2) He likes to do everything "by the books" if he'd known I was having contractions 5 minutes apart for the last hour he would have had a heart attack, threw me into the car and drove 90 miles per hour to the hospital. There was no way he would have let me have that big meal (you're not suppose to eat when you are in labor) - but I was not going to miss this lasagna because I knew they were going to starve me as soon as I got there.
(as you can see below Rocky inherited his fathers worrying genes, he was holding down Libby Lu's hands for dear life because he was scared she was going to stick her hands in the fire)
I'm not going to lie...eating lasagna through contractions was not fun, nor was it a good idea. But I did it like a champ, and after my very last bite I put down my fork and said "Honey, it's time to go to the hospital I am in labor" - he didn't believe me, at all. Not until I starting calling family and loading up the car it finally hit him, then...he had a heart attack, threw me into the car, and drove 90 miles per hour to the hospital.
and the next afternoon little Elisabetta Manno (a.k.a. "Libby Lu) made her grand arrival at a bruising 9 pounds. She is a really awesome kid, and compliments our family perfectly. So last weekend we lit one little candle on a cake to celebrate how happy we are that she is here.

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