January 22, 2011

~ Baby Paxton ~

Paxton Quentin, is that a cool name or what? I don't usually post Bellies and Babies clients on this blog but Paxton was just too cute to pass up, plus I know his mama will be happy to see a sneak peek of her little mans first professional photo shoot!

Photos taken by Jen Peterson with Bellies and Babies


Amy Meyerott Photography said...

Awh so sweet! I miss Bellies and Babies on your blog! I vote they come back. I love squishy little babies!!

Cheryl McDonald said...

This baby is beautiful, great session Kelly!

Lynanne Parrish said...

As Paxton Quentin's auntie, I can honestly say he's the cutest little boy I've ever seen! Of course, I'm not biased :)
I loved the photo of Pax in the basket, the one of Jeff standing over Raegan's shoulers...and, last but not least, the pic with his "Big Brother," Chewy!! Keep up the good work :)

Lynanne Parrish