2011 is off an running...

2011 is off an running and I think it is going to be a great year.

One of my favorite things to do every January is organize all my files and look at all the exciting weddings I have coming up. It's also the time I "officially" open my calendar for 2011 family photos as well as open my 2012 calendar for weddings!Let me start by saying my 2011 wedding season is full. Completely, and I say this with great humble-ness and I thank every single one of you who read this blog, tell your friends and family, and help me continue to run a business that I love. At this time I am not taking any more 2011 weddings.

Now it's time to get booking those family sessions, I've already contacted everyone on my waiting list (who didn't get in last fall) and my Spring is almost full.

I have 15 dates I am shooting this year between April and November if you would like to schedule a family session during any of those months now is the time to contact me.

My dates book up extremely fast, and I hate turning away so many people every year who wait to long. You know what they say...The early bird gets the worm :)

If you would like to schedule a session with me this year please e-mail me at KellyManno@yahoo.com

P.S. 2012 brides, my calendar is open for you too ;)

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