~ I just want one more day ~

Being a mom is my life, I dove in head first and never looked back. But once in a while on the right day, driving with my windows open and a good song comes on I just want to go back for one day, one single day... with these girls, and that youth, those perky boobs, and no responsibility.

I never had a sister but this is about as close as it gets. These girls are my heart and soul, they have been my best friends for almost 20 years, they know me inside out and upside down. We were all pom pom girls together and you can bet when the weekend came we were together every single second of it. Literally from Friday after school to Sunday evening, we were inseparable We lived at each others houses.
Now, we are spread out all over the country, literally all 5 of us live in different states, and all the stars have to align ever so perfectly for us all to get together again. But over the holidays we did, (and yes we are all in the same order as the photo above on purpose :)
From L to R we have :

Mandy : She was the good one, the smart one, the responsible one. Made straight A's, never partook in our fondness of strawberry wine coolers and Marlboro lights but she loved us anyway. She works in Law in Chicago and spends her days keeping people from making stupid decisions. In High School she was voted "Most Likely to succeed"

Kelly : Hey that's me, no need to talk about myself but for the record I was voted "Most likely to be a stunt woman in Hollywood" - let's just say in my youth I had balls the size of church bells and I pray to God my kids don't find out half of what I did.

Tracey : The funny one, holy crap this girl will make you pee your pants with her impressions and stories. Also talented one...you name it she could do it. Dance, Act, Sing - she was voted "Most likely to have their name in lights" she is currently living the dream in New York with her adorable husband. She is part of a popular improv group called "Candy Slice" you may have seen her in this video here she is the Lady GaGa.

Stefanie : Well she was voted "Class Hair" but dang it, she's got it back it a ponytail...just trust me... it's gorgeous. She was the loyal one, the tough one, the strong one. The one we all leaned on for support and hid behind if anyone wanted to beat us up. She has been married for 4 years, I was the maid of honor at her wedding and she has a beautiful little boy named Keithan, whom Luci is very fond of.

Julie : Another talented one, you should hear this girl rock a piano and sing. She was voted either "Always Late" or "Sleeper" I don't remember which one, but she deserved them both. Julie is the most self-less person you will ever meet in your life. She would do anything, literally anything for her friends. If my car breaks down at 3am she would be the first person there to help. She was the Maid of Honor in my wedding. She lives in Arizona now and I miss her all the time and my kids adore her.

So yeah, it takes a freak of nature to get us all in the same state every few years, but when we do it's magic. I love this girls with everything I have.

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