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Spring is coming! Yay! It's almost here...can you feel it??? Which means a couple of things in the Manno house... # 1) We will be be spending alot of days barefoot in the driveway with sidewalk chalk and bubbles, but it also means that Hockey season is coming to a close.
Which is bitter sweet because we love Hockey but it's also nice to have a little break and spend time on other things. I am so proud of Rocky and his team this year. They carried themselves so well through wins and loses, and even us moms behaved all year ;)
Luci had a blast this season as well, she is an "official" cheerleader, don't ya know? I think she looks forward to his games more than he does

I think little Lydia is trying to steal my photography thunder...
But it's okay, Luci will pose anytime, anywhere, any camera.

Libby Lu is getting bigger and bigger and louder and louder her personality is starting to burst at the seams. She is soooo close to walking, she can take about 2 steps and then tumbles. We all cheer her on and she loves the attention.
We've been outside constantly. When the sun is out the Manno's are busy who cares if my oven is dirty or my floor is sticky, the house can wait...I'm gonna play with my kids.
Maw Maw's birthday called for a special day on the Grafton River Road which required fancy matching panda bear outfits for the girls.
Luci has been asking to play Hockey for about year now. And you know me... I am Queen of the "Bloom where you're planted" speech and letting your kids be kids and make decisions on their own. But she is so little and gets her feelings hurt so easily, I just don't see her being a hockey player..... So I may have had ulterior motives when I explained to her that she could NOT fit a princess dress over hockey gear...But that she COULD wear it if she was a figure skater ;) She's been in lessons about 6 weeks and loves it, no mention of Hockey at all.... 2 points for mom ;)This post was brought to you by Mommy and her helper Libby Lu!

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