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Yesterday, as I pulled in my driveway I saw a perfectly square box on my front porch. I knew immediately what is was and nearly jumped out of my car before I put it in park. I struggled for years thinking of ways to preserve memories for my kids. I take so many of photos of them, but I am terrible about printing them out, getting them in albums and organizing them. When they grow up I don't want to just hand them a bunch of burned CD's and computer hard-drives and say "Here kids, here are your memories"So I started "Stories from Mom" - a book I will do for them every year. This is actually a fairly easy process for me because 70% of this book are just my blogs. I add in other things as well, but it's mostly just a huge "copy and paste" job.I also wanted to encourage other moms to do the same. You don't have to be a professional photographer, or a fancy writer. The software I used for this is a consumer website (not for professional photographers) for 2 reasons, #1) Those fancy professional books get really expensive and # 2) I have to order 3 of them... every year.
I used a company called Shutterfly - you can too! They have pre-made templates that you drag and drop the photos into.  It's easy I promise.
 It's only February you can start your 2011 book now and work on it all year.

For Example : Drop in some photos of you and your kids at the zoo and write a few lines "June 1st we went to the zoo. Susie loved the Penguins and Jack loved the bears, they both fell alseep on the way home" SEE it's that easy :)

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