~ Blogging, the two-headed monster ~

I think it's safe to say that most people who blog on a regular basis have a bit of a love-hate relationship with it.  I love that it keeps me connected to so many people, I love sharing my passion for photography, and I love that so many people love my kids, and like to watch them grow.   

But in the same breath blogging takes up an incredible amount of time.  In order to keep things fair I make every effort to blog every single session I shoot, which has kept me exhausted to say the least, and  a little blog-burned out.  

The most challenging part comes when, most weeks I am shooting more sessions than there are physically days in the week. That just leads this blog to be cluttered and busy and doesn't give me the time I need to devote to each blog entry.  

I'm going to try something a little new to see if it helps me with time-managment and the busy season ahead of me.   Starting immediately,  I will no longer be blogging the family sessions I shoot.   

I will probably do an end-of-the-month re-cap of all the cuties I get to spend time with, and once in a while if there is a lull between weddings, or a unique session I think needs to be shared,  I'll throw a couple of them up here, but those posts will be far and few between. 

I will always, always blog my weddings.  Brides are the bread and butter of my business and they are the reason I started my journey into photography.   I truly think each and every one of my brides are beautiful and unique in their own way and I love showing you how their wedding day unfolded.  

So you can continue to look forward to beautiful weddings,  funny stories about my kids, and other ramblings here and there when I see fit. 

Thank you to each and everyone one of you who spend time here, I hope to give you something to entertain you at work when your boss isn't looking :)  

Stay tuned tomorrow for the wedding of Laura and Will. 

Now…speaking of my cute kids….

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