Opening Day 2012

So we took the kids to opening day.  It's something we've been talking about for a long time.  My husband and I both have deep family roots with the Cardinals,  generations among generations passing down their love and devotion for the birds on the bat.

We were so excited for this game.  We stopped by Maw-Maw and Paw-Paws house to drop off Libby Lu, but first we took a picture with her so when she's older we can tell her she went to the game too.  Ha!  I can't determine if that's brilliant or mean.  I love to drag my kids everywhere, all the time, but I knew better than to take a 2 year old to a baseball game during naptime.   But I missed her very much and commented many times throughout the day how weird it felt not to have her there.

Even though the weather forecast was sketchy we still went down to Busch Stadium 2 hours early to take part in ALL the pre-game festivities.  We were literally a block from the stadium when they announced on the radio the game had been delayed 2 hours.

"This sucks" my husband said as he swiped his ballcap off and tossed it on the dash.  And just when I was about to join his pity party Luci piped up in the back seat and exclaimed in her most adorable 4 year old voice.

"Dad, "sucks" is a bad word, just like "sexy" and "shit", you can't say none of those"

Hands down the funniest thing I've ever heard a kid say.  It instantly turned our moods around. 

(For the record, I swear we don't talk like that in front of our kids.   Rocky learned "sucks" from a kid at school last week and got in big trouble, then I heard Luci singing "I'm sexy and I know it" and she got in trouble, and while I pride myself on never, ever cussing in front of my kids, slamming my shin into the running boards of my car while loading in Libby Lu last week let out a "Shiiiiiiiit" that my kids have not let me live down)

So we took the kids on a St. Louis tour.  We showed them the building where Mom and Dad met, and our big radio tower.  We fed the fish at union station and watched the guys make fudge.

We ate sabarro pizza which is just as discusting and yet still awesome as I remmeber it.   We went to the City Museum which still smells like a homeless man and gives me one giant anxiety attack.

Four hours later, the game finally got going.   The Cardinals played like crap but that didn't matter.  Opening Day is like a holiday in St. Louis being there in the thick of the excitement rivals the atmosphere at Disneyland, it really does.  It's magic, especially for those of us who cherish so many memories of baseball growing up with our parents, and grandparents.

I've always loved baseball.  Growing up my Mom worked nights and we stayed home with my Dad.  So everynight it was just me, my dad and my brother.  We played every kind of baseball you could imagine.  Cork ball, indian ball, wiffle ball, baseball.  We'd slam through the back patio door and  jump off the side  of our porch screeching "I'm Jack Clark", "I'm Ozzie Smith" -

You know what's super awesome?  Kids still do that!  A couple years ago I saw Rocky and his buddies blazing through my house and spilling into the backyard screaming "I'm Albert Pujols!" , "I'm Yadi!" - I smiled so big.

I'm not a Cardinals expert, I don't watch every game, and while I can name most the players I can't give you their current RBI's or batting average.   But being part of the Opening Day experience gave me goosebumps.  It was a once in a lifetime experience.

Well, at least for me, Rocky, and my husband.  As for Luci, she fell asleep before the first pitch and slept for 4 for of the 6 innings we stayed and took the worlds most expensive nap :)

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