~ Laura and Will ~ MARRIED!

Because I have no patience, let me start with my favorites from Laura and Wills wedding.  These make me happy, they give me the warm and fuzzies. Oh Laura, please get one of these in a huge canvas, I'll cut you a deal sister.

Okay, now back to the story.  Meet Laura, an old friend from my hometown who has grown into an beautiful, outstanding young woman.  Meet Will, a pastor from Kentucky, that everyone falls in love with the moment they meet him.  

They were friends online for a long time, building a solid friendship and foundation.

The little old ladies at Wills church were this close to sending in a submission video to ABC's "The Bachelor" for him.

Enter Laura, they finally met for the first time in "real life" in October and were engaged 14 days later.  Laura sent me a message on facebook that said she'd always dreamt that I would be her wedding photographer and made my day.  
While I'm photographing the bridal party walking down the aisle, it's always my assistants job to shoot tender, loving "back-stage "moments of a Bride and her Father moments before he gives her away.

There are usually hands held tight, emotional glances, and maybe a kiss on the forehead.  

For the record I have no idea what kind of shenanigans were going on back here but I giggled for 5 minutes when I came across this.  

I couldn't be more impressed with Will, he is endearing, and genuine and one of those guys that you feel like you have known forever.  He loves Laura very much, and just might have his hands full with this "Daddys Girl" but I know he is up to the challenge.  Laura I am so happy for you and where your life has landed.   Enjoy your beautiful wedding photos. 

…ending with what has to be in my top # 3 of favorite first dance photos EVER.  Melts my heart. 

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