April 12, 2012

~ Janice and Eric ~ Baby on the way :)

Janice and Eric are some of my favorite people.  They are clients that take a giant step over that line into the "friend" category.  As I told Janice,  "I like you so much I'd hang out with you even if you weren't paying me to"  :)   

They are expecting their first baby next month.  They've decided to keep the gender a surprise, however, it's time I should let everyone know that I am "Baby-damus" kind of like "Nostra-damus" except I can predict the gender of a baby with freaky precision.  So it's time I put my skillz out there for everyone to see…. I'm telling you now, that baby in her belly is a GIRL - we will see if I am right at the newborn session next month :)