November 8, 2009

~ The Mueller Family ~

I love the Mueller family! Kristen, the mom, is many things to me. She is a former bride of mine, turned photographer, a "Bellies and Babies" employee, and most of all a friend. The great thing about shooting other photographers is, they "get it" and trust your vision. So when I told Kristen I wanted to go to this overgrown field and back road by house instead of a standard "park" for fall photos she was game.

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Tony and Kristen Mueller said...

Kelly, you are an awesome friend and amazing photographer. I am soooo excited about these pictures. You have captured priceless moments that brought me to tears. "Thank you" just doesn't seem like enough!!!! I loved them all, but especially the one of Jadyn in the green chair. It will be blown up into a gorgeous, large print.