~ The Klenke Family ~

You know, this is the perfect time to remind people, I don't ONLY do photos of little kids.  I do photos of big kids too!  Sometimes it's refreshing to take a break from chasing 3 year olds and have clients who don't stick their tongue out at me and run the other way!
I was really happy when Marlana e-mailed me and gushed about her beautiful family.   She is living the good life now as a writer on the West Coast and has moved very far away.  She was coming home to celebrate her Dads 60th birthday and wanted to get some updated photos of her family.  What Dad didn't know during these photos is that a fancy surprise party was just hours away, planned in his honor.
They are a lovely family who live on some gorgeous property with their own little zoo of horses, dogs, and a few other things I saw running around.
Thank you so much Marlana I was thrilled to meet you!  Go knock em' Dead in LA with your fancy new job on Army Wives!

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