August 11, 2011

~ Sweet, Sweet, Baby ~

Look at this sweet little man.  A beautiful little boy with blonde white hair!  Seriously, white as snow.  I have never seen a baby so blonde in my life.
This little man also has a very special Mommy.  She is the Sales manager at Ameristar, where I hold my Shot Parties...  AKA - She is the one who helps me keep my sanity while I plan this crazy thing!   She will be on Maternity leave this year snuggling this sweet little baby, 
but has left me in very capable hands :)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely boy! Congratulations, Briny
Aunt Di

nicki boone said...

I love love love the one of him in the bookshelf!!!!!!

Lauren J. said...

I love your blog! You are so talented! Your family photos are to DIE for, your family is so beautiful. I was wondering where you got your dress? I must have it! :)