~ The Manno Family... on the other side of the camera ~

Shame on me...I spend my life making memories for other people, and freezing little moments in time forever.  Yet I rarely take the time to do it for my own family.

Sure, I take alot of photos of my kids.   And we did get newborn photos of Libby Lu.  But if you look at our family albums it's almost like Mom and Dad don't exist.

It was stupid.  Very stupid.  We have not had family photos taken since Luci was 10 months old.  She is now 4 years old.   The excuse was usually weight.  Always thinking "Next year I will lose those 20 pounds and well get photos taken then" My husband and I are both carrying some extra weight these days and aren't super happy with the way we look.

But you know what?  That is our fault, not the kids.  I cannot imagine my kids not having these beautiful photos with their parents because we were selfish about the way we would photograph on camera. 

Shame on me, because when I look at these photos I don't see the imperfections I expected to obsess over, I just see love.  Big, big love.   I'm so proud of these little people I've created and seeing them through someone else's' camera lens is awesome.  

It's no secret I am surrounded by incredibly talented photographers as friends.  I have my pick of the litter and rarely use the same photographer twice just because it's fun to see all the different perspectives.

This time I went with Christine Foehrkolb and sister-girl delivered.   Her work is amazing and my cheeks hurt from smiling so big when I see these.  She captured each of my silly little kids exactly the way they are.

If you would like to see some of the photos you can get to her blog by clicking here

You can also watch the adorable video below.

manno family from christine foehrkolb on Vimeo.

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