~ Anna and Cas ~ MARRIED!

Anna and Cas are married!  Which just gave me another excuse to party with the Koziatek family :)  Their daughter Janice got married last year and has sort of turned into one of my favorite people ever!
I don't think there are enough sappy and sweet words in the English language to describe just how wonderful Anna is.  Beautiful and sincere,  radiant and elegant, lovely to her core.  
Her sweet disposition fills the room when she walks in.
Her and Janice are going to have so much fun being sister-in-laws...I'm jealous :)
This whole series of Anna and her Dad is adorable ,and I owe all the credit to my fabulous second shooter Jenny :)  It's so nice to have an extra pair of hands to capture great moments like this while I photograph the folks coming down the aisle.  As a photographer it's impossible to be in 2 places at once, but sometimes it's needed, which is why I always bring a second photographer with me to weddings.
We had about 30 minutes to crank out ALL the bridal party AND bride and groom photos.  
But it's cool, I swear I work better under pressure.  Less time to think, I just shoot.
Thank you Anna and Cas for letting me capture your beautiful wedding day.  
I wish you many years of happiness.  

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