~ Becky and Jeff ~ Married!

Just realized 3 of my 4 brides in the month of May were named Rebecca...hmmmm....interesting.

Okay, onto the important stuff...like Becky and Jeff's wedding photos!  :)  I've been hanging around Becky and her family for a few years...I think they are sort of used to me hanging out around them with a camera!  :)  I love Becky and her fashion flair, and I knew from the moment I saw her black engagement ring that she would look stunning on her wedding day.  I loved her colors and her wedding dress, especially the back of it - just gorgeous!  Check out the loveliness below.
Jeff brought along his dog, Diesel...I think he enjoyed his time with the girls.   Look at him licking his lips and looking up their dresses - ha!   Mmmmm Yo Quiero Hot Bridesmaids!
Now this looks more like the family I know and love....this one needs to go above the fireplace, for sure! ;)

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