~ Disney 2011 ~

Well, I did it.  I earned my “I am slightly crazy” badge and took all my kids to Disney.  I want to make a real badge and wear it everywhere so parents who have done the same can unite with a wink and a nod when they see me wearing it. 
Let me tell you this.  I come from a family of very simple people.  We are not well traveled folks, the only traveling I ever did growing up was to Broken Arrow Oklahoma or Lawrence Kansas to visit my cousins.
I do not like to travel.  I do not like to pack, I do not like to fly.  I like my house, and my couch and my backyard, and this perfect little world I have built for myself.  It is my “Mother Ship”  my “Command Central” and I love it here.
 Aside from a couple landmarks in the US I have yet to see I am perfectly happy spending the rest of my life right here in the armpit of the midwest.
But I did it, not for me...but for them.  We all did it, me and my husband and our kids, my parents and my brother and his kids...All counting it was 5 adults and 6 kids.
Trying to navigate the airport could have been a reality show in itself.  I have not flown since all these crazy TSA rules started. Just in my family alone we had 7 bags to carry (3 were car seats, one was a double stroller, other 3 were suitcases)  carrying that amount of crap, plus our kids, was hysterical.  I saw a few people staring, some out of shock, some out of pity.  At one point I am sure Luci just rode on top of a piece of luggage and waved to passerby's as if it were her very own airport parade.
When we got to Disney it was insane, beautifully insane....I mean crazy, but magically crazy....I thought to myself, this is what crazy people do. 
Crazy people stand in line for 60 minutes to ride a flying elephant for 60 seconds and buy $10 hotdogs, I saw it on the faces of parents all around me who carried sticky, sweaty, sleeping, babies, lugged bags of over-priced souvenirs , popped Ibuprofen like it was candy and begged out kids to play the “Hey let’s sit down on this bench” game.
So why do we do it?  Because it's magic, that's why.  Disney is magic, it is.  I cannot explain it or describe it.  If you lug all your rugrats there at some point you'll feel it to.   Plus you bring home some pretty awesome memories. 

DISNEY VACATION from Kelly Manno on Vimeo.

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