Final Score - Jake-1 Kelly Manno - 0

This session will forever be known as : The session where I lost 5 pounds in 1 hour.

Meet Sherry, my beautiful friend and fellow photographer...Now read our e-mail exchange the night before our photo shoot....

SHERRY : Oh Kelly, my son is nuts. A smiley, nutty, happy, scream-y little boy. I think our session will be pretty interesting. :)

KELLY: I eat little scream-y little boys for breakfast, he doesn't scare me :)  See you at 6:30

You see, I am very confident in my kid-skills.  I relate to kids, I love kids, I like them better than adults.  It's easy for me to communicate with them, play with them, and photograph them because I genuinely like being with them.  For example : I had a blast catching up with her beautiful daughter Whitney.   We talked, we danced, we shook  out booties, we talked about the Little Mermaid...good times...good times..

Meet Jake, here is how my time with him went.   Jake ran...I chased him.  Despite doing everything we could to get his attention... he ran.  We sang the ABC's, he ran...We played peek-a-boo, he ran... We shook motorcycle toys and made "Vrrooom Vrooom" noises, he ran.  All 3 of us chased him like crazy people singing songs and playing with toys.  The boy just wanted to run. Now I know why Sherry is so dang skinny :)
Oh sweet little Jake, you win.  I'm waving the white flag, this old chubby photographer could barely keep up I think I went to bed that night at 8:00pm from exhaustion.   You are so much like my Rocky, an independent little explorer and who just wants to run.  Thank you for slowing down enough for me to at least catch a couple good photos.  You will keep your Mom and Dad on their toes for sure. 

And on a final adorable side note, when I was taking this photo below, Whitney looked at her Dad and said "Daddy, will you marry me?"   I know Daddy Alex will always, always remember that every time he looks at this photo.  

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