~ Jennifer and John ~ MARRIED!!!

Jennifer and John had a fabulous wedding day.  The weather was great and they held their ceremony and reception at the spectacular Caroline Vineyards in Washington, Missouri.  Jennifer was a stunning bride and she picked some gorgeous summer colors for her wedding.
Isn't she adorable?
This little ring-bearer had quite an obsession with all things creepy and crawly.  He was catching cicadas and putting them in his pocket :)
I've mentioned before that in 7 years of business, I have never, ever, advertised.  Not once.  My business will always be built on word of mouth and reputation.  This wedding was referred to me by Erin and Mike.  I shot their wedding as well as newborn photos for sweet baby Sam, who has gotten soooo big!

My assistant and I both commented on what a lovely personality John has.  Sometimes getting Grooms to take photos is a little like pulling teeth, especially in the hot summer months.  But he was nothing but lovely, he had a huge smile on his face all day, just happy to be marrying Jennifer.

One of the wedding guests and I wore the SAME dress....GASP!  So we did a "Who wore it better" pose off..... ala "US Weekly."  I think she clearly won,  but in my defense, I'd been working all day and was quite the sweaty hot-mess.  Either way, cute dress right?

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