~ Love my babies ~

As a mother, there aren't many things that will melt your heart more than watching other people love your babies.  Seriously, you want bonus points with someone?  Love their babies...and I mean really love them, don't just casually acknowledge them on holidays, really love them and support them...take an interest in the things they do, and hug them and kiss them.  We think these little munchkins hung the freaking moon, and we want you to think that too.

(Libby Lu and Uncle Michael)

My kids are super-blessed with a big support system of family and friends. When Luci's dance teacher was handing out the pre-bought tickets to the upcoming recital, she pulled a huge wad out of an envelope and the tickets started unfolding and flip flopped all the way down to her desk. "Geez, someone has a fan club," she said, and I proudly stepped up.  "Yep!  Those are for my girl!"

One very special ticket belonged to my best friend Julie, who lives across the country in Arizona.  She is not a mom yet, but you would never know it.  I was the first person in my circle of friends to get married and have babies, and to be honest, sometimes I felt like I had moved to another planet than the one my friends still lived on...but not with Julie.  She never missed a beat...we never missed a beat.
I remember when I was pregnant with Rocky she would make me schedule OB appointments when she was in town so she could come with me to the Doctor and hear the heartbeat. When I casually mentioned that Luci had a dance recital coming up, she had a flight booked 2 days later.  And when the recital was over and I was trying to gather kids, flowers, and tap shoes, and the baby needed a new diaper,  I didn't even have to blink...she was in the corner doing this.  She knows how much I love her.
This was Luci's second dance recital, my heart twists all sorts of beautiful ways to see my girl up there tappin' and twirlin' and shakin' it like it's her job.  She loves it with every ounce of her little heart.

Of course I have videos to share.  But I should explain a bit first. In order for the girls to remember where to stand on stage, the teacher tapes colored squares on the floor.  Each dancer stands on their color to start the routine.

Her teacher thought it would be cute to have them march out to their color when the music starts (instead of already being on their square when the music started) - Well, guess which little girl couldn't find her color?   She couldn't see it from the side of the stage.  Broke my heart to see her on the side of the stage in a panic.  Thankfully Mrs. Amy just carried her out there and set her on her color...and little Miss Luci joined in the routine and hit her pose like she'd been there the whole time.  Definitely an audience pleaser.

I love my little girl and her ability to smile and just keep shakin' it even if things start out on the wrong foot.  It ended up being so cute you would have thought she planned it...


And here is her ballet routine. Notice her shout out to "Maw Maw" and the fact that her teacher just walked her on out this time :) THANK YOU MRS. AMY!

Thank you to everyone who loves my babies.

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