July 17, 2011

~ The Great BIG Post ~

"Just keep swimming...Just keep swimming...Just keep swimming" - Dory,  Finding Nemo

It's usually about this time of year I catch myself feeling a little overwhelmed.  Smack dab in the rush of busy season: cranking out late night editing sessions, printing, packaging, mailing, drowning in e-mail, losing the smooth edge of my packaging tape and digging my fingernails through it relentlessly to find it again. 

But until I get one of those fancy money trees growing in my backyard, I will just keep working.    I know my job is a a lot of fun, but mama works hard...mama works real hard.   Mama works late hours, early hours, long hours, mama works hours with a 1 year old on her lap throwing cheerios at her while she works. 

I certainly don't have any room to complain.   Especially as I sit working in my air-conditioned office in my jammies watching Wendy Williams while I edit (How You Doooing?).   But I am bummed that I am getting a little back-logged on my blogging.  I usually try and devote one blog to each session, but in weeks like these I am going to have to do some combo-blogging.  While I may not have time to tell you little stories about each one of these families, babies, or couples, just know that I fall in love a little bit with each and every person that's on the other end of my lens, and they are all very special to me.    Besides, images are stronger than words.... Enjoy!