~ A little boy, named Turkey ~

I grew up in a family where cousins were more like sisters.  My cousin Kristine is one of my many cousins on my moms side.  (She is number 4, I am number 11, there were 23 total last time I counted...)  She and her husband Dan have been through fertility hell the last 3 years trying to have a family.  She had 4 miscarriages in a row.  

When she called me in early November of last year to tell me she was pregnant again, my stomach instantly went into a ball of stress.  Because now started the agonizing 2 week wait to find out if this little baby had a heartbeat or not.  Her appointment was scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving.   All the family was gathering at my moms for Thanksgiving and I knew it was either going to be a really good one, or a really sad one.  We prayed our stinking hearts out.
But there on the screen was the little flutter of a heart, a beating heart inside a tiny little thing that looked like a peanut.   Since it was Thanksgiving I started referring to him as "Baby Turkey" and it stuck.   It's been a long 9 months but Baby Turkey is here!  (His real name is Austin by the way) and I love him very, very much.  I'm very excited to be his "Super-cool and fun Aunt" ...I can't wait to hear all the secrets he is going to tell me as a teenager that he won't tell his mom :)
I am so excited for Dan and Kristine to be parents, because they so deserve it.  This was a hard fought for baby and he is loved so, so much.  Oh, and he's perfect :)
On one final note, Baby Turkey was born late at night.  I was so excited to wake my kids up in the morning and tell them Baby Turkey was HERE and out of Auntie Kristines belly!

We rushed to the computer and I pulled up a photo...Rocky was instantly excited and Luci just looked very, very confused and then asked me

"Mom, why the turkey look like a baby and why don't he have feathers"?  

It was the cutest thing ever, I guess little Luci really thought there was a turkey in there.
(Baby Turkey and his super-fun Aunt Kelly.  Put a sleeping baby in my arms and pay me $1,000 not to fall asleep and you can keep your money)

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