~ Being a Newlywed ~

I remember my days as a newlywed.  No kids, just myself and my new husband and our new little house.  We spent our days as most newlyweds should.  Taping paint samples to the wall, squinting at each one from a distance to pick the perfect shade for our living room.  I took pride in washing our sheets every Saturday morning and grinning at my inner domestic Goddess starting to emerge.  Going grocery shopping together, just because we could.  Those are the things every newlywed should experience.   The things they shouldn't experience, ...things like cancer, mastectomies, chemotherapy.
You may remember Kathryn and Aaron from this post.  My heart broke into a million little pieces at an email from her new Mother-in-Law.  Kathryn has breast cancer.  Or if you want to be technical, an aggressive form of cancer known as invasive ductal carcinoma.  Diagnosed just months after her beautiful wedding.   I had to read the e-mail about 4 times to make sure I was reading it correctly.   I just couldn't wrap my head around it.  She is so young, and so healthy and I just kept thinking how unfair it was and how her time as a newlywed was going to be robbed from her and her husband.  

So I am coming to my blog today to ask for your prayers.  To take a moment of your time and pray for peace and healing for her and her family.  I grew up hanging around Aarons family, between knowing them and getting to know her family at the wedding I know that she has a spectacular support team.   Aaron has happily taken on the role of "Head Coach" while her friends and family man the sideline as cheerleaders, water-boys or whatever it takes to cheer these two onto a victory. 

They are going to have their own story about what "Newlywed Life" is like, and it's going to be much different than yours or mine.

Kathryn had a bi-lateral mastectomy on June 22nd and recovered well.  She will be starting Chemotherapy this Thursday, July 14th.  She will undergo treatment every 2 weeks for the next 16 weeks.   Please keep  them in your thoughts and your prayers.

When I think of Kathryn and her fight I immediately think of one of my favorite quotes.

“God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight.”

P.S.  I am sure this post has reminded some of you of my friend Katie, and I do have an update on her as well.  (And it's a positive one, Yay!) But I am waiting to get a session scheduled with her to show off some new pictures with her good news.

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