~ Megan and Tim - MARRIED!!!

I want to get married all over again and have Megan and Tim's wedding day.  It was simply gorgeous!  I want to get married in a church that looks this cool.  I want the weather to be perfect, I want my colors to be navy blue and pink, I want my girls to wear pearls and I want my hair softly swept to one side with just a little curl to brush my cheek.   I kept thinking all day, "What a perfect wedding!"

I got such a kick out of Megan's Dad.  I was supposed to meet Megan's Mom in the church an hour before the ceremony (so they could lead me to the bridal prep area located on the other side of the campus).  Tick-tock went the clock as I waited and waited...things were running a little behind which is pretty typical for a wedding.  Just when I started to get worried, checking my phone to be sure I didn't miss a call, the doors of the church flung open to each side and I hear a booming voice shouting "Photographer!!!  I need the Photographer!"  I leaned out of the pew and gave a little "It's me" wave and he pointed to me, then the door, and said "Let's go."  We jumped in his car and he cornered that thing like it was on rails.   His daughter had instructed him to get the photographer to him as fast as possible and he was not going to let his little girl down. 
Yeah, the church looks just as cool inside as it does outside.
Megan knocked it out of the park with her styling.  The navy dresses with the pink flowers and shoes, the pearls, and the snazzy stripped ties for the guys.....swoon!
This picture is rad...Megan and Tim look like studs leading their "posse!"
Their reception was AWESOME, the dance floor was packed from song #1!  The Forest Park Country Club is a great place to host a reception.
I want to look this cool dancing in my wedding dress. 
Oh yeah...and I want fireworks.
Megan and Tim, I will remember your wedding day forever.  You were both so sweet to work with.  Megan you are just as beautiful inside as you are out, and I was thrilled you chose me as your photographer.

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