~ Krystalynn & John ~ Getting Married 2012

Krystalynn and John are getting married!  Yay!
First of all, can I just say I love her name.  I told her it sounds like a country-western singer :)   Everytime I say her name I want to say it with a deep twang like I'm her momma calling her in from the back porch for dinner!   

I'm an incredibly organized and prepared person.  If I have a wedding on Saturday, my gear is tested, packed and loaded to go by Thursday.  I leave for my photo sessions ridiculously early,  usually sitting in a parking lot 20 minutes before my clients arrive. I'm a "Gotta have my ducks in a row" kind of gal. 

 This engagement shoot was a morning shoot, I didn't have a care in the world as I ate my breakfast and gathered my things.   I finished my Orange Juice and went to load my gear into my car only to realize it was locked, with my keys inside.  

I could see them from my window as I pressed my forehead against the glass, let out a sigh and made a sad face.   This was not part of my plan for the morning.   I had to drive my babysitters car to the shoot.  I normally drive a huge 8 passenger SUV.  And she drives one of those goofy little enviro-friendly Pruis cars.  But who cares, I just needed to get to the shoot.   Plus it's a cute little zippy thing,  I'll deal.

When I got to the session I wanted to start shooting right away but I could not figure out how to lock the car.  I called John and Krystalynn over to help.  (His truck is even bigger than mine so I didn't think he'd be much help but it was worth a shot)   

If you've never driven a pruis let me tell you this.  It's not a normal car.  It doesn't have an ignition turn switch, or a key, it just has these buttons you push, it's not a stick shift but it does have a shifter on the column like it wants to be a stick shift, and you can't drive it unless this little fob thing is in the car.  And to lock the car you can't have the little fob thing still in it, because the car is too smart, knows you left the fob thing in it and won't lock.

So we would press the lock button, then run away real fast with the fob to try and trick it into locking.  Nothing would work.  Seriously, it was like rocket science the 3 of us trying to figure out how to lock the car.  It took us at least 10 minutes.  We finally realized I had never turned the car off which we didn't know because you cannot hear the damn little eco-thing running!!!    Seriously folks, there is a reason I'm not a brain surgeon.

Okay...on with the shoot and my favorite shot of the session below  :) 
It's not a Kelly Manno Photo shoot if I don't at least try and get someone hit by a car :)
** Another favorite below **
Okay, so 2 things we learned today.  #1) Krystalynn and John are very cute and I am excited to shoot their wedding next year.  #2)  It's a good thing none of us are brain surgeons.  HAVE A GOOD DAY!

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