~ Love, Anonymous ~

Usually when I get anything from an anonymous source it’s not a good thing.  When you are a happy person, with some degree of success, people will try and drag you down, always.  

Usually it’s a nasty blog comment or e-mail, signed “Anonymous” -  They are far and few between, but they do happen once in a while.  It’s not something that’s ever bothered me,  it’s just folks who are frustrated with their own situation and aren’t articulate enough to give their opinion in a constructive way,  so they hide behind mean words and the blanket of anonymity.  
Then, those same anonymous people wait.  Checking their computer hourly...hoping for an e-mail back, or some kind of retaliatory response so they can start a computer fight to spice up their day.  But all I have to do is look out my window and see sunlight spilling through blue clouds and do an all-call with the kids to the trampoline for an hour of silly-ness and then, in my mind, the bad stuff never ever happened.
In the past,  when I do get a nasty anonymous  blog comment, or email I instantly turn around and google about 5 other blogs I read and leave really, really nice comments for them.  It’s like I’m scrambling to cover up in the bad in the world with 5 times the good.  It somehow makes sense in my brain so I go with it.  

But then there was today,  I got a good anonymous letter, a really, really good one.  With words that swelled my heart 5 times it’s size.   I wasn’t having the best day and somebody out there knew exactly what I needed.   Whoever you are, wherever you are, thank you. 

Thank you for the letter, and thank you for being on the good team.  The team that tries to make the world a better place.  I believe the world is full of good people, good things, and good intentions.  I see it everyday.  I’m not blind to the bad and the ugly, I know it’s there too.  But we should all try and handle it with the same grace and class as we do the good parts. 

When I was in high school my best friend Tracey didn't make pom captain.  She was robbed, and it was so devastating to our 15 year old hearts that our moms let me spend the night with her on a school night because she needed the comfort.  When we got up to go to school the next morning her dad Jerry had left a note on the kitchen table that I will never ever forget.   

A persons character is judged 
better in bad times than in good.  
Please remember that as you 
carry yourself at school today" - 
Love Dad. 

I will never forget that note.  And I will remember it as I raise my own children and remind myself that they are watching the way I handle myself in good situations and bad. 

I will add my new "Anonymus letter " to my collection, of every single  “Thank You” or “Encouragement” card I’ve received since starting my business.  I’m not perfect I have good days, bad days, long days, exhausting days.  Days when I feel I could have done better, days when I think I should throw in the towel and find another job.  On those days I pull down this basket and read the words I need to hear. 
The best part?  I get to re-pay it.  Paying it forward is one of the most fun things ever!  I don’t know when or how, but I will come up with something spread the love as far as I can. 

Thank you good people of the world.  Keep fighting the good fight.  There's more of us than there are of them ;)

P.S. For the record I spelled anonymous wrong every-single time in this post, bless you spell-check.

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