~ Goodbye September ~

Goodbye September.  What a beautiful month you were.  Take a bow baby, you deserve it.  You delivered gorgeous weather full to the brim with vibrant blue skies and big puffy clouds.  October, you got alot to live up to ;)

Every year our very first fall tradition is a trip to the Apple Farm.  We go to a different one every year, but not anymore.  Because Holy Cow the Eckerts in Millstadt IL hit a homerun straight through my heart.  Best. Apple. Farm. Ever. - Totally worth the drive, I've been to other Eckerts locations but Millstadt rocked our socks.

Who doesn't like minature pigs racing around a track Nascar style with an announcer!  The pig races rocked!
Can I just get some kind of Mom-genius award for the popcorn in the bib-pocket idea?
The big kids rode a camel. 
This month also found me racing to Rocky's school 30 minutes early to be SURE I was the first mom in the parking line to haul booty out of there to rush to the local mall and sit on a tile floor for 3 full hours with my left butt-cheek completely - pins-and-needles type asleep - so my boy could meet his favorite WWE wrestler,  Randy Orton.    
Here is Rocky when he got his first glimpse of Randy in person, he is so cute clutching his little magazine waiting patiently for his turn.
Funny how quickly I forgot about those 3 hours and my butt cheek when I got to see this.
And some pictures I forgot to share late last month.  When my Daddy, one of the coolest people I will ever know turned 60.  He's not happy about it.  He pissed and moaned about it all week, he hates getting old.  But we took him to hooters and that cheered him up a little bit. 
Luci, his girl.  On his lap, in his face, wearing his glasses, climbing on his back, pulling his mustache, tugging his hat, sleeping on his belly, curled up with him on the couch, and trailing behind him everywhere he goes...always.
He pretended not to look at the Hooters girl when they gave him a little birthday "Hokey Pokey" shimmy dance, but he totally peeked.  And his grand-kids thought this was the funniest thing they have ever seen. 
And...then...I thought I was done sharing pictures.  But I ran across these, they broke my heart.  I had to look at them twice, because I realized, she is not a baby anymore.  My big girl, Libby Lu 20 months old.

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