October 14, 2011

~ Meet Baby Camden ~

Newborn photography is a whole other animal, different from any other photography I do.  It's an entire different art form, kind of like a choreographed dance.  I know alot of photographers who avoid newborn shoots like the plague.   After all, you don't get babies to fall alseep on end tables, bookshelves, or dumptrucks without alot of patience, and knowing what the heck you are doing.  There are all sorts of methods and tricks I have studied and learned over the years to lull babies into a deep sleep, but Camden, was having none of it.  He was bright eyed, and bushy-tailed and showed no signs of going to sleep...ever... But we kept trying...and trying..and trying...I finally gave up and shot the whole session with him wide awake.  There goes my "Baby Whisperer" card... But that's okay look how adorable he is!!!
Hey Camden...tired yet?  No?  Okay, just keep shooting.
After spending 2 full hours at his house, Camden finally started to doze off on his Mommy.  I thought this was my chance to snag him off her chest and go take some more photos.  But he was not having it.  He was ready for the crazy lady who kept dressing him in weird things to go home, he just wanted to spend some quiet time with Mommy, and so he did :)