October 19, 2011

~ Katie and Jacob ~ ENGAGED!

First of all, thank you to all the support behind my fish story.  I'm so happy to see so many folks caring so much.  I've been contacted by 2 media outlets and Alecia has been contacted by a lady with the water conservation department and big changes are being made and this will not happen again.   Once all the loose ends get tied up I will be doing a formal update here in a few days.  

Okay...onto some business!

Katie and Jacob are going to the chapel and they're gonna get married :)  and I get to be their wedding photographer!   Yay!   They are both students of Logan College of Chiropractic so we shot their session on the beautiful campus.   Being a wedding photographer I may put these guys to work on their wedding day, "Hey, how about a quick adjustment for me before we do these family photos" - Just kidding :)