~ Happy Birthday Rocky ~

I never knew how bad I wanted a boy, but there is a love between little boys and their Mommys that makes the world spin.   He is the one who made me a mommy.   When I envisioned parenting a boy I instantly thought of the proud moments to come, ones like this.

and I nearly climb out of the bleachers every time he does this.

The moments I didn't envision was him peeing in our bushes in plain view of the neighbors, trying to give the priest at our church a wedgie (hand to heaven, this really happened) throwing batman dirrectly into our ceiling fan to make him fly, or being so proud that he learned how to write all our names in Kindergarten he proudly took a sharpie marker to every one of our dining room chairs and scribbled our names across the backs.

But then, he asks to bring an extra dollar to school on candy day incase any of the other kids forget.   Or spots me running the timeclock from the penatly box at his hockey game and skates over mid-shift to give me a hug, or the time he cried for 20 minutes because I told him when he grows up he will probably get married and not live with Mommy and Daddy anymore.

He loves little babies, graham crackers with milk, and always says hi to police officers.  He has lost 3 of his baby teeth.  He makes his little sister go first down the basement steps because he is scared of the dark. Contrary to popular belief, he was not named after the "ROCKY" movies, we just liked the name.  Last month he watched E.T. and it scared him so badly he slept in our room for 5 nights straight.  He didn't walk until he was 16 months old, but he could dribble a soccer ball at full speed at 18 months.  He is my loud, fast, funny, stinky, usually sweaty, loving, soft-hearted, Beautiful baby big boy, he makes my heart leap and he is mine.

I love you Rocky Manno, Happy Birthday my big 7 year old.

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